February 4, 2013

Another Gaz Giveaway Contest - Win Free Bulldog Zaggie!

It's been awhile since we've had a contest and the winter blahs are starting to get to me. So to combat them, how about we cheer things up around here and have another contest where you can win a free prize?

Of course, Josh and I are always excused from winning, and for the most part our writers are not eligible. But this time they get to participate as well as anyone else that is interested. It will not be possible for me to show impartiality because the numbers will not lie.

How to win: In comments below, simply predict the final score of Thursday's Pepperdine game.The closest combined score (both teams scores added together) wins. In case of a tie, we'll go with the closest to the Zags point total.

The prize: A Bulldog Zaggie! (code for Snuggie....we've all heard about them). Bought directly from The Zag Shop, it's a fleecy feeling blanket with sleeves. But this is a very special Snuggie because it is a Zag one. Wrap your selves up in this during these cccold winter Gonzaga games and feel the warmth! I'd be willing to bet some of those Zag fans that stay in Tent City before the games could use one of these to help show their fanhood, and to help keep warm, lol. It retails for $32.99 plus tax. Give as a gift or keep for yourself. Or do whatever you want with it, it's yours!

Directions: I will announce the winner the day after this Thursday's game with Pepperdine. You need to provide a shipping address. Contact me via email (sirfurry@hotmail.com) if you are the winner and give your shipping info. I will ship for free as well! I told you it was free and I meant it.

Best of luck to everybody!!~   GO ZAGS!!~


Jeff said...

Zags 82
Waves 55

Josh Linke said...

As site owner i cant win, but just for kicks and giggles:

Zags 90
Waves 47

R Hepner said...

Zags 86 Waves 50. Irteacher@gmail.com

ashley martz said...

Zags 76
Waves 52


Rebekah Horne said...

Zags 74
Waves 59

kg said...

Zags 86
Waves 64

Pat Bridge said...

Zags: 76
Waves: 58

mark re said...

Zags 84
Waves 67

18485520-36c4-11e2-bd79-000bcdca4d7a said...

Zags 89
Waves 71

18485520-36c4-11e2-bd79-000bcdca4d7a said...

I forgot to leave my email address with my prediction of

Zags 89
Waves 71


Brad Schultz said...

zags 88
waves 65


gaz-tastic said...

OK, I'll give it a shot too.

ZAGS 121 Pepperdine 26

YAAAAAY, I win!!~ Just kiddin.

Sam F. said...

Zags: 86
Waves: 61


Aaron Hammond said...

Gonzaga 75 Pepp 60

Matt Massey said...

Zags 78, Pepperdine 63

quidveritas said...

Zags 83
Pepperdine 59

Robert Micheletti said...

Zags 87
Pepps 61

Kristina Grotts said...

Zags 78 Pepperdine 56

Zag_Whisperer said...

Gunzhardt 84
Pepperdine 49

that is a grand total of 133. That's gold! just give me the snuggie now. :P

Ken McIntyre said...



P-Hole said...

Zags 79
Waves 64

paul hopkins said...

Zags 83
Waves 58

Zag_Whisperer said...

now each of you that commented on this, take a moment to go in and comment on some of our other posts! Love to hear your opinion!

wesolint said...

Gonzaga - 94
Pepperdine - 57

Everybody else give up cause I got it nailed!

theo said...

Zags 80
Waves 58

David Doyle said...

Zags 84 Waves 62

wesolint said...

WAIT - I change my guess to 82-56
Did I win???

Congrats theo

Zag_Whisperer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
theo said...

Did I win? My email is theorose1@gmail.com if you need it.

Josh Linke said...

As far as i see yes you were the only who matched the combined score of 138. Jeff came close with 137...i will let Gaz verify. If you did win, Gaz will need you to send him your address so he can ship it out.